delivery time 10 am - 6pm

We practise contactless deliveries as it is important

to us to keep you and our delivery team safe.

只需要最低消費 $50 就能送到你家 Enjoy freshly made Bak Kwa at the comfort of your home. Free Delivery for any purchase above $50.

1. An additional charge of $10 will be charged for orders to Sentosa.


2. Delivery charge of $15 for orders below $50.


3. Delivery Service will cease one month before Chinese New Year and  fifteen days after.


4. The Management reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice.


1. 聖淘沙將有$10額外收費.


2. 少於$50的訂單需支付$15.


3. 本公司將在農曆新年前一個月                                 至元宵節期間無提供送貨服務.


4. 管理層將保留隨時更改條款於條件的權利,       恕不另行通知.


* Please pay only after

our confirmation of your orders.



( Please email to upon filling up the form .)


1. We provide delivery between Mondays to Sundays, including Public Holidays.

     (with a minimum purchase of  $50 and above)


2. Standard response time will be from Mondays to Fridays between 9am - 4.00pm,

     excluding Public Holidays.


3. Alternatively, you may wish to place your orders by phone @ +65 6933 7230

    between 9am - 4pm from Mondays to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.


4. The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions

     without prior notice.

1. 每日提供送貨服務包括假日在內. 最低消費只需$50 以上. 2. 所有電郵回复只限於 星期一 至 星期五早上九點 至 傍晚四時 (公共假日除外). 3. 除此之外,也可播電 +65 6933 7230 訂購. 星期一 至 星期五早上九點 至 傍晚四時(公共假日除外) 4. 管理層將保留隨時更改條款於條件的權利, 恕不另行通知.

Please log on to our Facebook page for future updates on operationg hours.



Singapore 059429


Chinatown MRT Exit A



Open Daily


9am - 9pm






1 Park Road #01-25


Singapore 059108


Chinatown MRT exit C



Open Daily


10am - 9pm







Singapore 238801


Orchard MRT



Open Daily


10am - 9pm







78 Airport Boulevard #B2-222


Singapore 819666


Changi Airport MRT (CG2)



Open Daily


10am - 9pm

新桥路 门牌203 新加坡 邮区059429 牛车水地铁站出口A 星期一至星期天 9am - 9pm 珍珠坊 #01-25 余东旋街 新加坡 邮区059108 牛车水地铁站出口C 星期一至星期天 10am - 9pm ION ORCHARD #B4-37 新加坡 邮区238801 乌节路地铁站 星期一至星期天 10am - 9pm 星耀樟宜 #B2-222 机场大道 78 新加坡 邮区 819666 樟宜地铁站 (CG2) 星期一至星期天 10am - 9pm

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