Year 2020 Lunar New Year is coming soon!


We urge our valued customers to  take note of the following:


1. We do not engage nor commission any 3rd party Delivery Vendor or any other related services.

The only way to enjoy the freshness and the authenticity of

Lim Chee Guan products are exclusively from our 4 outlets in Singapore at

203 New Bridge Road, People's Park Centre Complex, ION Orchard and

our newest addition - Jewel Changi Airport.


2. We do not have any overseas outlet, pop-up stores nor do we export our bak kwa to any part of

Malaysia, China or any country at the present moment.


Lim Chee Guan is proudly based in Singapore;

and all our bak kwa are manufactured and available in Singapore only.



Producing flawlessly roasted bak Kwa is a true art. Achieving the perfect consistency of meat, mixing the palatably spiced sauce

and finally barbecuing the bak kwa for just the right length  of time requires the utmost care and expertise.

What transpires from this lengthy process is a product of near perfection that gives the taste of satisfaction time and time again.




Singapore 059429


Chinatown MRT Exit A



Open Daily


9am - 10pm






1 Park Road #01-25


Singapore 059108


Chinatown MRT exit C



Open Daily


9am - 10pm







Singapore 238801


Orchard MRT



Open Daily


10am - 10pm







78 Airport Boulevard #B2-222


Singapore 819666


Changi Airport MRT (CG2)



Open Daily


10am - 10pm

新桥路 门牌203 新加坡 邮区059429 牛车水地铁站出口A 星期一至星期天 9am - 10pm 珍珠坊 #01-25 余东旋街 新加坡 邮区059108 牛车水地铁站出口C 星期一至星期天 9am - 10pm ION ORCHARD #B4-37 新加坡 邮区238801 乌节路地铁站 星期一至星期天 10am - 10pm 星耀樟宜 #B2-222 机场大道 78 新加坡 邮区 819666 樟宜地铁站 (CG2) 星期一至星期天 10am - 10pm

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